Note: Our martial arts gear and merchandise is not available for purchase online.  Your friendly karate class staff will be happy to take your order!

Why buy all your martial arts gear from us?

I consider my company to be the most fantastic value in martial arts training anywhere, and our pro shop deals are no different! In over 20 years in martial arts as a student, competitor, coach, instructor, and school owner, I have used just about everything out there, and I can tell you that not all martial arts gear is created equal. Martial arts gear endures a great deal of abuse during training, and if you buy something low quality, you’re just going to have to buy it again a few months down the line. Often times the cheap internet deals you find are just that - cheap.

All of our gear is the very same gear I use myself, and it is name brand industry standard equipment, never cheap knock offs. We then price most products we sell below the MSRP to guarantee you the most bang for your buck! When you buy from us, you can be secure in the knowledge that you’re getting fantastic savings on equipment that is high quality and will last! You also know that your gear will meet the required standards for use in any American Elite classes, seminars, and tournaments - not all martial arts gear does!

So don’t find out the hard way that the cheap internet bargain you found really wasn’t such a good bargain after all! And as always, when you buy from us, you are also supporting local small business and your own martial arts instructor and school. We appreciate your business and will always work hard to earn it!

Yours in the arts,

Sensei Jarrod Keesling


Everyday Low Prices!

Uniforms (Gi)  
Black Gi $32
Patches (Kanji or Flag) $6
Replacement Belt $8
Limited Ed. Annual Shirts $12
Red Dragon T-Shirt $12
Red Dragon Long Sleeve $18
Red Dragon Hoodie (Adult) $38
Red Dragon Hoodie (Youth) $32
Training Gear  
Punching Target $18
Kicking Target $20
Blocker $35
Large Shield $65
Breaking Board $2
Kata DVD $10
Gear Bag $38
Water Bottle $6
Practice Weapons  
Bokken w/ Scabbard $40
Hardwood Bo Staff $25
Lightweight Bo Staff $25
Competition Katana $129
Foam Blade Kama $19
Aluminum Blade Kama $35
Rubber Nunchaku $8
Fiberglass Escrima $20
Rattan Escrima $20
Sparring Gear  
*Head Gear $26
*Hand Pads $26
*Foot Pads $26
*Mouthpiece w/ Case $5
*Support Cup
w/ Compression Shorts
Shin Pads $20 
Chest/Torso Protector $35
Basic Sparring Bundle 
 (Save 10%!)  
*Head Gear $26
*Hand Pads $26
*Foot Pads $26
Reg. Price $78
Bundle Price $70
Extreme Sparring Bundle 
 (Save 20%!)  
*Head Gear $26
*Hand Pads $26
*Foot Pads $26
*Mouthpiece w/ Case $5
*Support Cup
w/ Shorts
Shin Pads $20
Gear Bag $38
Water Bottle $6
Reg. Price $159
Bundle Price (Boys) $135
Bundle Price (Girls) $117

*Required protection for all American Elite Martial Arts contact sparring activities! Other equipment shown is not required but highly recommended for additional protection.

Sparring gear pieces are available in your choice of black or red.

Add a Chest/Torso Protector to your Extreme Sparring Bundle for only $28!

- Notice! - The pricing shown includes all sales taxes! All uniforms, sparring gear, apparel, and other equipment must be tried on at class! No refunds or exchanges will be given on equipment that has gone home!